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Following the hugely successful Property Finance 2012, the 2013 edition is now available.

There is a great debate raging at the heart of property lending, one which will come to define the sector for the next decade: can you make money from it?

Written with the expertise of journalists from an award winning magazine, Property Finance 2013, will seek to outline the changing nature of the banking industry and what this means for the commercial property market.

You will also find:

  • An exclusive interview with the Bank of England
  • The new guard arrives - how insurers and funds finally make their mark
  • Who's who of senior debt funds
  • How banks fund themselves and why it matters
  • Profiles on key lenders Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland
  • What now for secondary and regional lending?
  • What are banks willing to fund?
  • How to negotiate new regulations
  • Shadow banking and the legacy of the boom - including how do loan sales work, how can property companies get involved plus a who's who of loan buyers
  • Directory of key industry contacts
£501.99 (inc delivery)